Passion, taste, nuances, colors, perfumes.

The tradition of our roots is linked like a vine roots to our land of origin, where we grew up and where we have captured the secrets of the greatest winemakers.

We have tasted the nectars that our land produces every year, with the help of man.

Our mission starts from a recipe that includes all these ingredients, to provide for our customers a selection of refined products that aim at a path to excellence in taste.

For this reason, each vintage is unique, our task and that of our sommeliers is to devote much of our time to the selection of wineries that produce through a history, an experience, an art and with the maximum respect for the land.

Luxury Italian Wines exports wines worldwide that still maintain the characteristics handed down from generation to generation, maintaining an important quality level.

Each wine reflects the character of those who produce it, our goal is to provide a multidisciplinary qualitative variety.

Because the wine is mainly a pleasure for the palate and for the soul.